Training women in various fields equips them for economic upward mobility, improves the quality of life and gives them a status in the family and society. H.O.P.E. offers both, skills trainings and vocational trainings for underprivileged and women with a low level of education, as a basis either for self-employment or for finding a paid job, thus enabling women to participate in the economic development of India. H.O.P.E. also provides career consulting and job placement support.

Domestic work has emerged as another field of action. In spite of its huge economic importance, women working in this sector suffer from inhumane working conditions, poor wages, long hours of work, no provisions for health insurance or pension and no security of employment. In 2011, H.O.P.E. decided to take up the domestic workers’ cause and has since organized 20 local groups with 550 women. In the groups, women receive and share information, counseling and backing. Another goal is to professionalize domestic work by upgrading the women’s skills. H.O.P.E. further informs them about their rights and gives legal and operational assistance.




Domestic Workers on H.O.P.E.

Swathi Kamble: “I am happy that tailoring classes started in my village. Now I can learn tailoring and maybe open my own shop. H.O.P.E. helps me doing all this.”

Sangeeta Zende: “I am happy to be a member of Maharashtra Gharthamgar Union through H.O.P.E. They help me a lot.”

Ganga Bisht: “H.O.P.E. sees to all my needs. My child got scholarship through H.O.P.E. and I got PRAN card from Mazdoor Suraksha Yojana with their help.”

Sunita (name altered): “My Madam held back my salary for three months. Without money, I had to go back to my village in Orissa. I was desperate. Then H.O.P.E. came to my help. They spoke to my Madam. Finally she paid me all the money she owed me and she took me back on a higher salary. I am very happy now.”